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An Education Broader Than Mere Instruction.--
Parents must learn
the lesson of
implicit obedience to God's voice, which speaks to them out of His Word; and as they learn this lesson, they can teach their children respect and obedience in word and action. This is the work that should be carried on
in the home.
Those who do it
will reach upward themselves, realizing that they must elevate their children.
This education means much more than
mere instruction.
{Child Guidance, 24.4}

Camp Resources

Preparing to Give a Reason Bible Studies
This is a set of Bible Lessons that is being written especially for our Home School Families to help them understand the Foundations of our Faith. 
The first six units of lessons are now ready for you to download
If you want a hard copy of the lessons sent to you, please call us. 
Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt's morning & evening worship talks at Bird Camp, Albion, California, March 19-22, 2018 (video .mp4 files)
(to download, right-click on a link & then click "Save link as..." or "Save target as...")

day 1 morning day 1 evening day 2 morning day 2 evening
day 3 morning day 3 evening day 4 morning day 4 evening
Healing Edibles

Healing Edibles & Other Home Remedies
An excellent handbook written by Joe & Elsa Willis covering many natural remedies that can be done at home such as contrast baths, charcoal poultices, and homemade ointments.  Also includes remedies using simple kitchen foods like cabbage, carrot, celery, cucumber, figs, onions, potatoes, radishes, strawberries, raspberries, and tomatoes.  This book was promoted at the Missionary Preparation Training Camp, August 7-14, 2011               CALL TO ORDER:   53O~474~l4l9
Contributions can be sent to Joe & Elsa Willis at the following address, or through their website Paypal service.

Maranatha Medical Ministries
P. O. Box 390
Keysville, Virginia  23947

Download PDF Study Book, written by Reini Roberson, for "The Path to the Throne of God" Download PDF book, "The Path to the Throne of God", by Sarah Peck For furthur study on the Sanctuary, download the Path to the Throne of God Study Book
The Path to the Throne of God
The Sanctuary, or, The Gospel According to Moses,
book written by Sarah Peck. (PDF file)  
(You can order the book from TEACH Services)

The Path to the Throne of God study book 
Compiled by Reini Roberson to go with the book.
(PDF file)                  (Call for printed version)

  • The Lord is My Song                      (PDF book by Juanita McElwain)
  • The Story of Music                         (PDF book by Juanita McElwain)
  • Scripture Songs  (Sung by Primary Class at the End Time Events Bible Camp)
  • Education                                       (PDF book by Ellen G. White)

Jesus is Coming soon!