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Feeding His Lambs Ministries
As lambs, drawn by the shepherd's love find comfort in his arms and drink in the pure milk with delight so do children respond to the pure teachings of God's Word given by those who love them.  Today, as in years gone by, God requires that His lambs be fed.
Feeding His Lambs Ministries provides practical hands-on training that inspires, educates, equips, and empowers workers to reach children for Christ through His Word.
Other websites they have include: Children's Ministry Place, Children's Bible Lessons, and Bible Story Hour
Maranatha Medical Ministries
In 1997, God directed Joe and Elsa Willis in the establishment of Maranatha Medical ministries. Not long after they began their ministry, Hurricanes George and Mitch devastated several Caribbean Countries. The Willis’s chose to focus their attentions on Honduras, one of the poorest Countries in Central America. Immediately the appeal went out for help, and within just a couple of weeks, tons of food, water, clothes and medical supplies had been donated by individuals, church organizations, and large companies such as Wal-Mart, Chiquita Banana Co., and Coca Cola Bottling Co.. White Fleet Shipping Co. provided transportation of the supplies,…all free of charge.