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Specific Information is sent out before each camp.

Call us at: 53O-474-l4I9, and leave a message letting us know that you want to get on the mailing list for Creation Adventures, then give us your
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Information for each camp is

sent out some time before
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Reini Roberson
P. O. Box 5l5
Manton, CA  96O59

(I would suggest calling, as that would be the fastest way for us, not having an Internet connection at home)

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Creation Adventures Camps are...

  • Bible-based
  • Educational
  • Packed with enjoyable activities for the entire family
  • Designed for families with homeschool children of all ages, with classes for children ages 3 years and older. Bring your whole family!
  • Seventh-day Adventist Christian camps for Homeschoolers who are interested in forming the characters of their children for heaven. Time is short and the battle is intense for the hearts and lives of our
    children. We need all the help we can get to secure them on the Lord's side.
  • Usually held at Leoni Meadows, or Albion, both located in Northern California.  We have about 4 different camps per year. 

For information about Camps

Go to the Preparing to Give a Reason Bible Lessons Download Page 
Call: Reini Roberson at 53O-474-I4l9
Give us your name, address, and phone
number in order to get on our mailing list.
Or, print a letter to send us in the mail.
The information for each camp is sent out
about two months before the camp date.

RIGHT: There is a set of Bible Lessons that is being written especially for our Home School Families. 
The first six units of lessons are now ready for you to download. 
You can download these lessons from our website at:  creationadventures.info/PreparingtoGiveaReason.html